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Is Bing the New Thing?

Bing for Local Business Marketing

Typically when you talk about Internet searches the first and last word is Google. But if you are trying to ensure maximum coverage for your local business listing you need to expand. There are more tools out there aside from the all powerful Google. One of them is called Bing.

A key to local business marketing is diversity. With each customer and click you get to your website being so valuable, it pays to make sure you have as many roads to your location as possible. One of the less used roads is Bing. Microsoft, that little known software company, launched Bing in 2009. It was a combination and advancement of Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search. While all of those engines were good, Microsoft decided to rebrand with the name Bing to better compete with Google.

Aside from the name change, they changed the way it searches the internet. Also notable is the deal with Yahoo to allow Bing to power Yahoo searches in early 2012. So how can you take advantage of this engine for your own local business marketing? You can start using Bing and integrate yourself much like you would with Google.

Taking Charge of Bing

From the Bing homepage (www.bing.com) click the Explore tab in the top left toolbar. From here you can see all of the basics the Bing has to offer. There are basic web development tools that are an absolute must for any business website. Along with checking your traffic statistics, you can ensure you have ownership of your site, update information, and see how people link to you. Information is power and if you can learn about traffic and visitors it can help with your local business marketing plan.

There are also standard advertising options much like Google has. You can check out the variety of programs available for search advertising. You can also display products. On top of that there development options for using Bing maps in your site (if you use directional maps to show customers how to find you).

Why Bing for Local Business Marketing?

Statistically Google is still the current king of internet searches with almost 75% of the market share. In fact, Bing’s share has dropped from 30% to 25% (approximately) over the past year. But would you still want to miss out on 1 in 4 possible customers? Additionally people who use Bing end up with smarter searches. It typically takes people less clicks to find what they want using Bing compared to Google. When you have the type of business that is very specific or a local business listing that is unique for your area, you really prefer a smarter search engine that finds you faster.

Working Smarter

One of the biggest points in local business listings is ensuring traffic gets to you. That means diversity and using all of the tools available, especially the free ones. Your local business marketing plan should include Bing as well as Google because as long as there is a split market share, then you don’t want to miss out on any potential customers.

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