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Connecting with Local Business Customers through Blogs

Local Online Advertising Blogs

Any business’s online presence will benefit from a good blog. In fact, this should be a key cornerstone of your local business marketing plan. With the constant push in the online world for information, a good blog is the best option for local online advertising. Far too many local and small businesses fail to properly capitalize on this method of attracting and connecting with customers.

What draws people to a website? The answer is always content. A website needs to provide information to people that they want or feel they need. One of the best ways to create content, from a local business marketing aspect, is to start a blog.

Benefits of Blogs

•    Promotes Your Business
•    Connects with Customers
•    Improves Website Traffic
•    Connects with other Businesses

You have to consider a blog as a local online advertising tool for your business for it to be successful. A certain amount of energy and dedication needs to be incorporated if you want the type of results a great blog can give. One aspect that many consumers like about blogging is that it forges a personal connection between the author and the audience. Customers enjoy learning more about people they deal with and by letting them see what you think and feel you foster a connection with them. Also that open forum might provide the opportunity for them to post feedback on ideas and create a dialog.

Making Local Connections

The same thing can be said for other businesses that may have similar interests or that are complimentary. They might direct clients towards your blog as a source of information since you aren’t a competitor.  These new views from other businesses, current clients, and even friends provide an uptick in web traffic which increases your page rankings and helps with your SEO needs. Additionally with social networking being so popular, when people follow your blog then their friends can see it as well. That opens you up to numerous new possible customers.

Be Creative with Your Blogs!

It can be difficult to get started, but just jump into it like any other local business marketing plan. It is part of business that needs to be done to generate more sales. Also a blog can be a fun way to provide local online advertising. Writing a blog about your favorite crochet method that also includes the big sale you are having on crochet hooks at your craft store over the weekend is fun, informative, and advertising. Maybe you are telling a story about how you first learned to crochet with your grandmother when you were ten over the summer. Customers learn more about you and can relate as well as picking up a crochet tip and a reminder about a sale. That type of connection is what local businesses thrive upon.

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