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Local Business Listing Services

Get Listed & Start Getting Found! Our packages offer a full range of local business listings services designed to maximize exposure for your business. These include verified listings, quick listings, and universal listings that cover a wide scope of directories including infoUSA, Acxiom, Yahoo!, Google, and many, many more.

Verified Listings

A verified listing involves using a third-party service to independently verify the legitimacy of your business. Verified business provide a greater sense of trust which appeals to both online publishers and your customers. Learn More >

Quick Listings

Quick Listings target the most important listings websites that offer faster publishing than others. This service sends your basic listing for expedited publishing on over 15 websites. Learn More >

Universal Listings

Universal Listings get your business submitted and published to hundreds of internet directories as well as mobile and GPS services. Our Universal Business Listings allow you to manage your online profiles and add or edit information across more than 150 channels by listing only once with us. Learn More >

Optimized Webcard

As an added service to any of our packages, .TEL domains provide your business with a virtual business card of sorts that is quickly indexed by Google and is mobile ready. This complements your website and provides contact information that is easily editable and shareable. Learn More >

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