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Creating a Customer Friendly Website

A sometimes overlooked aspect of local business marketing is the creation of a business website. Ideally you spend a certain amount of time establishing yourself online with local business listings and local business directories. Often these listings will provide contact information as well as a link to your website. Because there is a chance for [...]

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Is Bing the New Thing?

Typically when you talk about Internet searches the first and last word is Google. But if you are trying to ensure maximum coverage for your local business listing you need to expand. There are more tools out there aside from the all powerful Google. One of them is called Bing. A key to local business [...]

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Connecting with Local Business Customers through Blogs

Any business’s online presence will benefit from a good blog. In fact, this should be a key cornerstone of your local business marketing plan. With the constant push in the online world for information, a good blog is the best option for local online advertising. Far too many local and small businesses fail to properly [...]

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What is Local Business Marketing?

Local business owners need marketing just as much as national or global businesses need marketing. Marketing goes hand in hand with a successful business plan. Businesses rarely grow without some sort of marketing even if it is by the word of mouth of your clients or customers. In previous years marketing for a small business [...]

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