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Nuts and Bolts of Website Content & Web Design

When designing your business website there are certain things you must absolutely have. Customers come to your site from local business listings and search engines and you need to ensure that they find what they seek. Key ways you can optimize your web design for local business include having concise readable content, obvious contact information, [...]

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10 Ways to Market Your Local Business Online

Did you know 99% of people use PCs or Laptops to search for local businesses? About 75% of mobile phone users and 90% of tablet users also look online for local businesses. On top of that, the portion of the population that refers to phonebooks and mailers for business information declines every year. Look your [...]

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About Google Page Rank

A popular term that is used a lot in webpage marketing is PageRank. The term itself has been trademarked and is used by Google to differentiate between the millions of pages on the Internet today. Google Page Rank is a term associated with the mathematical value a website has that is directly related to its’ [...]

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Is Bing the New Thing?

Typically when you talk about Internet searches the first and last word is Google. But if you are trying to ensure maximum coverage for your local business listing you need to expand. There are more tools out there aside from the all powerful Google. One of them is called Bing. A key to local business [...]

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Connecting with Local Business Customers through Blogs

Any business’s online presence will benefit from a good blog. In fact, this should be a key cornerstone of your local business marketing plan. With the constant push in the online world for information, a good blog is the best option for local online advertising. Far too many local and small businesses fail to properly [...]

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