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Taking Advantage of Facebook

Facebook for Social Media Marketing

By now almost everyone who does not live in a cave is aware of the social beast known simply as Facebook. But not a lot of small businesses have taken the plunge into the monstrous opportunity of Facebook marketing. Large networks are fast becoming fertile ground for exposure. Making sure you are doing some sort of social network marketing is becoming more vital to an overall marketing plan for any business.

 Why Use Facebook?

Small business owners should be excited about doing Facebook marketing. It does not matter if you are more global or local because you are falling back on the old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing method to reach people. Just like a good corner store, when a customer has a great experience they tend to talk about it to friends. The same type of thing happens on Facebook every day which is why good social network marketing is becoming more and more important.

 Getting Started

You start by simply setting up a simple small business page on Facebook. There is not a lot of initial information you need to provide and the process is fairly quick and painless. Next you invite your friends to the page. Family members and friends are always willing to help out so make sure to ask them to “like” your page so you can quickly get a vanity address

While that is happening you can focus on adjusting the page style as well as adding content, polls, coupons, and more to the site. After you have a solid base of friends and followers and the page has the type of look you want it is time to start the actual Facebook marketing phase. One of the biggest keys of understanding how normal marketing converts easily to social network marketing is making sure you have a good list of customers you can contact electronically.

 How to Use Your Page

With a new online home to show off to people you need to have a carrot to attract attention. Something simple such as “Please visit our new Facebook Page and “Like” us to receive a 5% off coupon emailed to you for your next purchase,” will quickly attract attention. Take this carrot and e-mail it to your customer mailing list in the form of a personalized ‘Thank you’ for their loyalty. Congratulations, you have just used Facebook to perform social media marketing!

Facebook marketing doesn’t end at that point. It has only just begun! You now have the opportunity to interact regularly with your customers online. Providing them regular information, streams of fun and interesting content, and anything else you can think of to keep them checking back in as well as telling friends and colleagues about you. In this case your social media marketing project is in the growth phase where you need to provide regular water and nutrients to spur development.


The nice thing about doing marketing in this manner is you obtain immediate feedback. Customers can let you know what they like or don’t like very quickly. This is one of the most powerful aspects of Facebook marketing. You might avoid wasting time on something after you find out that most of your local customers are not interested in it. Facebook is the largest social network in the world and social media marketing is quickly outpacing all other forms of customer advertising. Every business should start using it now instead of later.

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